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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Paper for Plastic

Hey Fabulous People! I guess it safe to say we live in a day and age if something is broke we fix it - hair, face, butt, breast, tummy, chin, nose, eyes  all included! Money can buy almost everything these days and me personally I don't believe beauty should be excluded. With financing available for your procedures its easier to reach your desired look. So yes you can make payments on that Kimmy K. booty and Halle B. stomach. 
On this topic I'm very neutral I believe if you have a problem area and it bothers you -go for it, why not? Its when you over do it that I am against , prime example Heidi Montage. When I heard she had 10 procedures done in addition to the 2 she had done previously I thought that was a bit ridiculous for an already pretty girl, but who am I to judge.However,  I do think you should only be allowed to get a procedure done that actually works for your body. As with Heidi she should have never been allowed to get a G cup on her very small frame and regret it later on and want them removed.

 I think with this topic all I would say is get what WORKS for you don't go from bad to worse! You only live once if you weren't blessed with the beauty or...... booty  from birth go buy it! Smooches