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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mary J Blige Sunglasses Launch

Hey Fab People! Mary J Blige will be launching her sunglasses collection this fall, Melodies by MJB. The collection will launch in a week or so in Nordstroms and Bergdorf Goodman and you can meet Mary on October 6th from 5-7 at Nordstroms in Towson. Only 50 reservations  (49 with my good friend Kelson already there LOL)are available for a meet and you must call the accessories counter to reserve. ( Remember you heard it here first)
 Melodies by MJB will include 4 styles the come in several different colors with prices ranging from $165 to $225. Orange 21 is making the collection. Below is Mary's statement behind her inspiration :
I want women to be able to hide behind their glasses, but be fashion-forward and comfortable at the same time,” the “No Drama” singer tells Women’s Wear Daily of her new shades. “Eyewear and perfume are different, but you have to put the same amount of work in. You have to be creative, come up with ideas and be inspired – just like with a song.”
I love the thought process behind her inspiration. Mary being a victim of domestic abuse I'm sure she holds this collection to her dear heart. I hope she does well, I only wish this was launch in the spring/summer 2010. She does have her second collection launching in January 2011 so maybe that's the spring eye wear.
If any of you get a chance to meet Mary take pics and send them to

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

EERIE Eyelashes

Hey Fab People! Now this post could have very will been great next month for Halloween but, the "lash trend" has been taken wayyyyyyy to far! Now lashes are NOT new, our favorite celebrities have been wearing them for decades.This is now a vastly growing trend in the DMV . Nothing can make your look more dramatic and expressive than beautiful long full eyelashes but lets wear them tastefully. Lashes, particularly for special occasions can add flair to any look if worn properly.

What I'm seeing- well actually I'm not too sure what it is I'm looking at; so while this post is meant to be informative maybe you guys comments can also teach me something I'm missing ...possibly? *Kayne shrug*  The first issue I am having with the lash trend is how they are being worn .The lashes are thick, long and heavy- almost like a "glue in" on your eyes.

OK, OK maybe I'm exaggerating  a bit with the picture above, but you get the idea. I see women who can hardly open their eyes or are blinking like they have some sort of disorder. Lets stay away from the scary" I Love New York" look.The next issue I'm having is where you are going to get  them applied. When I go the the hair store I don't want to see you in the back, by the wigs getting your lashes applied. This is unsanitary and dangerous. We all know the Chinese are known for doing and making everything but lets go on to the next with this one. Same thing applies for getting them applied at nail salons. The long term effect of what you are doing to your real lashes with the glue that is being used in the nail salon will eventually leave you with no lashes or lids! Telling the nail tech "make em so they stay on two weeks" will have you sooooo messed up. Bacteria Keratitis is REAL!

Just like you don't sleep in your make up , don't sleep in your lashes! Another issue I am having is a plain face and or look with lashes on. Am I saying lashes,MAC makeup, and  Sephora gloss are a tag team ? NO, but what I am saying is if your face is dry with thirsty skin why are you putting lashes on? You need to take care of your face, you only get ONE!

 In life we all channel looks, my challenge to you when you get your lashes done is to ask yourself "who am I channeling today?"  If its the character below you have failed greatly. Don't be made a mockery of, sometimes our friends are scared to tell us what isn't working. Well I tell you, those aren't your real friends - I want my friedns to tell me if I'm looking foolish.


Lash Tips

  • To accentuate your upper lash line without creating overly spidery fringe, apply a strip of false lashes meant for your lower lashes from corner to corner. They're shorter than traditional false lashes, so they will thicken your lash line without elongating it too much.

  • When applying fake lashes, put a little more glue on the edges than the rest of the lash, since they're more likely to come loose.

  • MAC lashes #20 & #7 are a very natural length lash that will give you a beautiful full look without looking DREADFUL. And when you purchase they can apply for you

  • Strip lashes are much easier and safer than individual lashes.
  • Use mineral-based makeup remover to take off lashes

My goal was not to down anyone but enlighten those who don't know. How can something be corrected if its never addressed. Lets help one another ladies share this post with anyone who maybe in need.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Boot Bitchassness????

Hey Fab People! Ok we are at the transitional stage of the seasons that I absolutely don't love! Where you cant really tell what to wear because it freezing in the early hours and scorching by noon, I really just want Mother Nature to make up her mind! Any who what prompted me to write this posts on "Boot Bitchassness" is the many Facebook and twitter post about women wearing UGGs already.

Alot of you seem to think that "its too early" for the boots...well guess again your WRONG- not fashionably (in my opinion) but technically you are. UGGs are actually an ALL weather boot! Made of sheepskin, which  is naturally thermostatic UGGS are designed to keep bare feet close to your natural body temperature regardless of the temperature outside. Of course I only blog facts here's a little background on the science behind thermostatic footwear.
30° Below - the science behind thermostatic footwear
Our fine woolen sheepskin breathes, wicking heat and moisture away to keep your feet dry and at body temperature indoors and out.
Sheepskin is a naturally thermostatic material. This means that while you're wearing sheepskin, it's automatically regulating your body temperature throughout the day. Because of this, UGG® Australia sheepskin footwear can be worn all year round.
In addition to regulating body temperature, grade-A sheepskin breathes naturally, wicking heat and moisture away

This one I would say is to each her own. But in places like LA where the weather is always in the 80's UGGs are most popular. So whos to say a fashionista from Baltimore cant wear her UGG's before winter?? With this said , please just know your facts before you try to down anothers fashion sense because you may just be the one looking foolish.

Feel free to comment I would love to hear your views!

Smooches XoXo

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Paper for Plastic

Hey Fabulous People! I guess it safe to say we live in a day and age if something is broke we fix it - hair, face, butt, breast, tummy, chin, nose, eyes  all included! Money can buy almost everything these days and me personally I don't believe beauty should be excluded. With financing available for your procedures its easier to reach your desired look. So yes you can make payments on that Kimmy K. booty and Halle B. stomach. 
On this topic I'm very neutral I believe if you have a problem area and it bothers you -go for it, why not? Its when you over do it that I am against , prime example Heidi Montage. When I heard she had 10 procedures done in addition to the 2 she had done previously I thought that was a bit ridiculous for an already pretty girl, but who am I to judge.However,  I do think you should only be allowed to get a procedure done that actually works for your body. As with Heidi she should have never been allowed to get a G cup on her very small frame and regret it later on and want them removed.

 I think with this topic all I would say is get what WORKS for you don't go from bad to worse! You only live once if you weren't blessed with the beauty or...... booty  from birth go buy it! Smooches

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Heyy Fabulous people! It just got a tad bit harder to Keep Up with those Kardashians and I absolutely adore this! I love this family for the empire they have built off of negative energy.  Kim, Kourt, Khlo and Kris have teamed up with QVC and designer Ginny Hilfiger (sister of Tommy) to design K-DASH by Kardashian. The line ranges from $20-$240 with chic clothing, belts , handbags and other accessories. The line launches on QVC in conjunction with Fashions Night Out ,live on Friday September 10th at 9PM EST- just a day shy from when their fall BeBe line launches in stores which now includes shoes and accessories. I wasn't too too sold on the BeBe collection but I am super excited for K-DASH. I'm feeling good vibes from it, seems like its going to be HOTT! These sister are everywhere and I love it! I need to get me Ash, Keesh and Racquel some type of fab family empire sheesh! Check out a couple photos with the sisters wearing pieces from the K-DASH line. And you know what ? I'm wondering since its on QVC will you be able to make monthly payments like everything else? If so I'm SOLD....Don't judge me -I'm quite the frugal fashionista I'm just sayin.....LOL j/k but that may be good for some :-)

The fur trimmed vest is sooo me! <3
I adore this motorcycle leather<3

Monday, September 6, 2010

Embellishments GALORE

Seems like everything this season has some sort of embellishment and I absolutely LOVE it! Below are some that caught my eye while online shopping.Honestly, the artsy-crafty part of me is telling me to create some of my own "Couture" embellished pieces....Stay Tuned I just may!

Embellishe Lace Dress TopShop $78

Magical Embellishe Boot TopShop $80
(small feet ppl ONLY please&Thank you)
Heavy Metal Batwing Knit , Motel $82
Ughh I just love the whole ensemble!

Satin Embellished Headband Forever21 $5.80
Moon Moire Dress, French Connection $228
How cute is this? A sequined Shower Cap $4.99
Embellished Neckline Cardigan, Forever21 $23
Embellished Acid Wash Jegging, Express $88
Tan Studded Fashion Gloves,$26
Black Broth Belt $42
Embellished Sweater Top, Forever21 $11.99
Embellished Sleeveless Vest, Forever21 $32
Pewter Embellished Flat, Forever21 $22
(not sure how long they will last you but I found them to be cutesy)
Studded Mini Bandage Skirt, Express $45
Embellished Shoulder Top, Oasis $51
Sequin Detailed Top, $89

There were so many to post but I'm tired and need sleep! Feel free to send me pics in your embellished wear to appear under this section! Have fun so many ways to wear embellished pieces

Welcome Fab People!

Hey fabulous people! Im Chrissy a fab new mommy with lots to say....I promise not to dedicate this whole blog to my addiction (fashion) but nonetheless I will keep it interesting. Stay tuned