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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mary J Blige Sunglasses Launch

Hey Fab People! Mary J Blige will be launching her sunglasses collection this fall, Melodies by MJB. The collection will launch in a week or so in Nordstroms and Bergdorf Goodman and you can meet Mary on October 6th from 5-7 at Nordstroms in Towson. Only 50 reservations  (49 with my good friend Kelson already there LOL)are available for a meet and you must call the accessories counter to reserve. ( Remember you heard it here first)
 Melodies by MJB will include 4 styles the come in several different colors with prices ranging from $165 to $225. Orange 21 is making the collection. Below is Mary's statement behind her inspiration :
I want women to be able to hide behind their glasses, but be fashion-forward and comfortable at the same time,” the “No Drama” singer tells Women’s Wear Daily of her new shades. “Eyewear and perfume are different, but you have to put the same amount of work in. You have to be creative, come up with ideas and be inspired – just like with a song.”
I love the thought process behind her inspiration. Mary being a victim of domestic abuse I'm sure she holds this collection to her dear heart. I hope she does well, I only wish this was launch in the spring/summer 2010. She does have her second collection launching in January 2011 so maybe that's the spring eye wear.
If any of you get a chance to meet Mary take pics and send them to