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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gucci for your Mini Me!

JLo and her Twins Max & Emme
Luv it!

Hey Fab People!
Since the debut in November I kind of have been avoiding viewing the Gucci Collection for Kids, just because I know what kind of trouble I would get myself into. Well today while on break I decided to take a peek while browsing for a new spring/summer wardrobe, and can you say change of plans on buying for me!?! I absolutely love every piece i this line, but below Im sharing some of my favorite looks. Amazingly, the prices are not ridiculously high. I believe if your going to spend money spend on quality pieces, that will take you a little ways. With children though who are constantly growing its a bit of a pill to swallow putting out so much for something they will grow out of so I don't recommend for infants under 1 LOL With that said my Chloe' is within the age threshold!  All items can be preorderd now for Spring 2011!Enjoy! I know I will!
Trent $495 SPLURGE! Ill pass

$145...Good Buy! Must Have
Leggings $135

SOOOO cute in pink!

Can you say Mini Scott! LOL

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spotlight Designer: Keith Haring

Hey Fab People!
 I cant type much because my thumb is jacked up from a nail salon NIGHTMARE (I'll post about it later), but I wanted to let you gals in on a great steal from an interesting designer.

Keith Haring (1958-1990),was an artist and social activist whose work represented the New York City street culture in the 1980s.Haring's bold lines and active figures carry poignant messages of vitality and unity. His legacy made an impact on late 20th century art and grants us all a vision for the future.
 Haring's design work is being featured with one of my favorite designers, Pat Fields, together they give you Keith Haring by Patricia Fields. Below are a few of his looks, which are very affordable. Might I add one of Beys pieces she owns comes from this very collection and its only $80!!  And right now his looks are 20% off at Pat Fields. Happy Shopping!

Bey in Spring 2010

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year !

Hey Fab People!
Just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very happy new year! My life has been super busy with school, holidays and prepping for my daughter's birthday bash this weekend. I promise to blog more after this hectic week is over!  I hope everyone enjoyed their New Year! I did! I didn't do too much, except spend it with my family. This was our daughters first New Year so we let her stay up until midnight and it was soooo hilarious! At 11:56 she was falling over trying to go to sleep but we wouldn't let her LOL. Right at midnight we were BOTH knocked out!  My sisters were supposed to stay over for a sleepover , but I awakened and they were MIA!

 With the new year alot of people tend to make resolutions which is cool if that's your thing. I never make resolutions , I think everyday is an opportunity to change something for the better. One promise I did make to myself was to plant new seeds for friendships with positive people. In addition to planting new seeds I want to rekindle friendships that kind of pass by with time. Not purposely, but we all live very busy lives and time stops for no one. I notice most of my communication with friends is via text , facebook or twitter but I want to get out of this habit! LOL So new friends and old be on the lookout for invites of some sort so we all can connect!

I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New year and talk to you soon!

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