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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spotlight Designer: Keith Haring

Hey Fab People!
 I cant type much because my thumb is jacked up from a nail salon NIGHTMARE (I'll post about it later), but I wanted to let you gals in on a great steal from an interesting designer.

Keith Haring (1958-1990),was an artist and social activist whose work represented the New York City street culture in the 1980s.Haring's bold lines and active figures carry poignant messages of vitality and unity. His legacy made an impact on late 20th century art and grants us all a vision for the future.
 Haring's design work is being featured with one of my favorite designers, Pat Fields, together they give you Keith Haring by Patricia Fields. Below are a few of his looks, which are very affordable. Might I add one of Beys pieces she owns comes from this very collection and its only $80!!  And right now his looks are 20% off at Pat Fields. Happy Shopping!

Bey in Spring 2010