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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gucci for your Mini Me!

JLo and her Twins Max & Emme
Luv it!

Hey Fab People!
Since the debut in November I kind of have been avoiding viewing the Gucci Collection for Kids, just because I know what kind of trouble I would get myself into. Well today while on break I decided to take a peek while browsing for a new spring/summer wardrobe, and can you say change of plans on buying for me!?! I absolutely love every piece i this line, but below Im sharing some of my favorite looks. Amazingly, the prices are not ridiculously high. I believe if your going to spend money spend on quality pieces, that will take you a little ways. With children though who are constantly growing its a bit of a pill to swallow putting out so much for something they will grow out of so I don't recommend for infants under 1 LOL With that said my Chloe' is within the age threshold!  All items can be preorderd now for Spring 2011!Enjoy! I know I will!
Trent $495 SPLURGE! Ill pass

$145...Good Buy! Must Have
Leggings $135

SOOOO cute in pink!

Can you say Mini Scott! LOL

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