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Monday, December 13, 2010

Chrissy's Favorite Things!

Hey Fab People!!! Sorry Ive left for sooooo long , but I have been super busy with school, work, mommy hood , birthdays, holidays etc...

But with only 12 days to Christmas (one of my fave holidays) I thought I would share my favorite things!!!

Of course #1 the iPad!! Retails $700

Sequin Uggs $180 Black or Silver...I get a chicken vibe from the Gold ones!

The perfect Stocking Stuffer VS Gift Card $100 and up!

Burberry Check Print RainBoot! $225 All this rain lately - I have to have a designer rain boot! How cute are they???

I cant believe I dont have this already with leopard being one of my fav colors! $25

Can you say LOVE! I die! $335

OPI Burlesque Collection..yes I need every color! LOL

A little cash never hurt anyone!

My OBSESSION MK! Of course I need to add a new piece to the collection$225- $495

Samsung Dual View LCD Camera $250 ..I need it to take the perfect "kissy face" pics!  HA!

I really need to brush up on my laguages cant have Chlo the only one in the house spaeking mulitple languages!

 That wraps up my top fave things for now! Happy Shopping

Smooches XOXO