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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Food Stamp Song?

If you haven't heard yet there is a "food stamp song" out! Yes a song about your food stamps smh. A girl by the name of Chapter has created a video and song titled “It’s free, swipe yo e.b.t” parody about how people abuse Independence Cards (food stamps). The song focuses on people Using their Cards to buy liquor, cigarettes and more and not using it for it's intended feed their children. what are your thoughts on the video/song?

Me personally I don't think it's a bad idea. Maybe this song will bring attention to those individuals abusing the government. I have seen people do everything from buying bushels of crabs to selling stamps for cash. If you aretruly in need you wouldn't do either! I have even heard people have used their cards to pay their cellphone bills. Just disgraceful. These government programs need to start bein a little more selective with whom the issue benefits to or atleast monitor usage. But I would love to hear your thoughts!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Whose voice is that?

As a mom I'm forced to be in tune with all the kiddie shows/cartoons , and I have to admit sometimes I wonder about the voices behind some of these characters... Have you ever wondered? I think Elmo surprised me the most!

Leslie Carrara voice of Abby Cadabby
Kathleen Herles as Dora

Kevin Clash as Elmo

Carroll Spinney as the Grouch
Nancy Cartwright as Bart

Bob West as Barney

Cool Pics this Week

Thought I would share some of my favorite and funniest pics to hit the net this week! Enjoy!

How cool is our President! Love him!

This girl makes smoking a cigar sexy!owwww
Loving RiRi new hair color!

CiCi in NYC always a fav of mine!

Umm Umm WTF!

Love Kelly! Love here even more when she wore her BIG hair! Please bring it back!

Get her a stylist ASAP! Poor Gabby!

Gorgeous in her romper! EFFORTLESS

New Video~Beyonce 1+1

Beyonce debuted her newest video from the album 4 this week1! Its not what I expected but I like...its very sexy. B is really showing another side of her and it meshes very well Check it out and tell me what you think!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Punky Brewster - 1 of MJ's "friends"

"Punky Brewster" star Soleil Moon Frye now a 35-year-old mother of two and the author of the book "Happy Chaos." Frye has some very interesting news to share in her new book. She reveals she was one of the kids whom Michael Jackson befriended. Frye reveals at the age 8 she shared a hot tub with Michael Jackson and discussed everything from life love and secrets of the world.Frye says she met Michael thru Quincy Jones and her and her mom were taken on a tour of the legends home. Frye also shares that Michael had a way to talk to kids as if he were a child himself. Looking back on it Frye now reveals that "it was weird"

So what do you think about this?? My question is why now? Why in a book? And what's the relevance?? My verdict : Punky your a "non motherf#ckin factor b!tch" LEAVE MICHAEL ALONE AND LET HIM REST IN PEACE! I blame your mother wth did she let you in a hot tub with a grown man. Hot ass!!


Bey the Big Spender!

Beyonce the big spender!  Bey recently stopped  into Curve boutique where the stylist to the stars, Nicola Formichetti is the new creative director of the Thierry Mugler brand. While he was going over inventory Bey showed some love by purchasing several items from the line. Purchases including a pair of pony-haired platform heels priced at $2,100, as reported by the New York Post. She did just make over 1.7MM from her 4 Intimates Nights so why Not?? It ain't tricking if you got it Lol ! But we all know Bey is a shoe lover! Back in June she purchased 25 pairs of shoes for sister Solange 25th birthday! Ok B! Mugler created the costumes for Beyonce’s “I Am . . . World Tour,” and Formichetti worked with the superstar for her video with Lady Gaga for their duet, “Telephone.”

Tamera Mowry : The SEXY Twin

The newly married Tamera Mowry showed off her sexier side for Regard Magazine. The actress credits her husband for her daring looks stating being married brought it out of her. Mowry also is intersted in more dramatic roles and hoping that these looks will place her in demand for such opportunites as discussed during her interview. I actually like this look for her and I can agree when in a relationship you do have to switch it up to keep things fresh. Whether it be a new style of dress, hair color, or just bringing sexy back! Go Tamera!!!

(Photo: Regard Magazine)

Lady Gaga MTV VMA's Opening Act

Announced yesterday the artist everyone has a love hate relationship with will be this years MTV VMA's opening act on Aug 28th.  If you remember last year Lady Gaga wore the infamous "meat dress". What can we expect this year??? Im anxious to see this lady is a true performer and she knows how to entertain!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beyonce Countdown Snippet

My Intimate Night With Beyonce

On this past Friday, my sisters and I traveled to NYC to celebrate our sister Ashley's birthday. About a week into planning her birthday getaway to NYC we heard the Beyonce would be performing at the Roseland Ballroom to a standing room only audience. No questions asked this was immediate added to the agenda! Getting tickets were EXTREMELY hard! Her first show sold out in 22 seconds! But of course I had to still get tickets NO MATTER WHAT! I ended up getting tickets thru a re-seller paying a WHOLE lot more than face value but I knew I had to make this happen for my sister.

We arrived in NYC Friday around 11 am, initially the plan was to check into the hotel get dressed and go get in line. But after feeling the New York air we decided against it, wherever we were going to be in line was ok. The first stop after checking into the Wonderful W Times Square was MAC so the birthday girl could get the face beat down!! I must add I love the MAC in Times Square! They really make you feel and look like a celebrity!

 After her makeup we headed back to get dressed and head out to see KING B! We got in line around 4pm a line that was 4 blocks long (how ironic 4pm 4 blocks 4 is her album LOL) But anyway surprisingly most the people in line were dressed like they were going to a cook out or maybe even a walk in the park. NO LOOKERS at all!  Here's the birthday girls fit:

The Birthday Shoe


After getting dressed we headed to the Roseland Ballroom to get in line.

In line we met all types of cool people. Even Beyonce's lead guitar player Bibi McGill! She is really cool!

Around 7:15 I don't know what happened but the line was bum rushed people were yelling running and everyone was soaking wet!! But I guess that all paid off because we ended up in the front and like 7 rows from the stage! Go us! Whoop Whoop! Beyonces performance was amazing! She laughed, cried, told stories, chatted, told jokes and even took shots at Daddy Knowles! The cutest moment is when she noticed hubby was there, you know she showed off from that point on! But she promised us anyway this was the 4th night and it was being recorded so she would do the very BEST! And she did that plus! This girl is PERFECT!!! She performed 4 in its entirety with the exception of the bonus tracks. Bey made up for that because she performed Irreplaceable, Bootylicious, NoNoNo, Survivor and a few more tracks form her Destinys' Child days.  I give the show an A- , minus only because of the disorganization of the venue, but I would def do it again. I actually now prefer an intimate show over a huge venue! Enjoy the pics and video below!