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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Food Stamp Song?

If you haven't heard yet there is a "food stamp song" out! Yes a song about your food stamps smh. A girl by the name of Chapter has created a video and song titled “It’s free, swipe yo e.b.t” parody about how people abuse Independence Cards (food stamps). The song focuses on people Using their Cards to buy liquor, cigarettes and more and not using it for it's intended feed their children. what are your thoughts on the video/song?

Me personally I don't think it's a bad idea. Maybe this song will bring attention to those individuals abusing the government. I have seen people do everything from buying bushels of crabs to selling stamps for cash. If you aretruly in need you wouldn't do either! I have even heard people have used their cards to pay their cellphone bills. Just disgraceful. These government programs need to start bein a little more selective with whom the issue benefits to or atleast monitor usage. But I would love to hear your thoughts!