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Thursday, February 3, 2011

LOVE is....Good SEX** RATED R POST**

Hey Lovies!!
I think where alot of us mess up is we tend to believe sex is just a physical interaction. Good Sex is just the opposite. Sex involves your mind body and soul. A good sex life is more than just switching up positions. Licking here and sucking there! Your sex life has to be maintained!
  Having a good and healthy sex life takes time and more time to maintain. And adding a child, career, school and household duties to the mix makes time a huge issue!  Our busy lives  often leave us tired and drained by the time the sun goes down, but under no means should you allow tiredness to effect having a healthy sex life. Sometimes having better sex can be  as simple as doing something a little different, a little more or a little less! Here are 10 tips to having good sex:

10. Blindfold Him:
 How mysterious is this for you to have your guy blindfolded and unknowingly about what about to go down! He doesn't know where you are or what you are about to do, start off with your tongue and go slow, change your pace and speed up your motions (on whatever body part you choose). Blindfolding is not meant to be a long drawn out process. Overstimulating will make the stimulation null and void. Balance is the key!  You will know once your guy is at a point of no return!

9. Give Him Instructions:
 After being in a relationship or marriage for a while he may seem to think he knows everything that makes you happy in the bedroom, which is false. We grow as women and our desires and wants change! Men, however will not think outside the box so just be blunt and let him know ! "Baby I need you to place me on my stomach and start from my toes" LOL Also if something is not working tell him! "Hey you are a little rough on my nipples" Not only will this get you the sex you yearn for it could even be a turn on for your guy to hear you talk such "dirty"

8. Red Light Special
Keep two lamps on your night stands, one for normal use and one when it time to get it in. Screw a dim bulb or a red one  into the ‘sex lamp’ and only switch it on when you are ready to put in work. Don’t talk so much– just turning on the light should signal whats about to happen.

7. Switch up the pace

If he usually enjoys it slow and soft,make it a little rough. If typically foreplay is  his thing, indulge him in aquickie. Are "ooohs and Ahhs" usually your expression of pleasure?Talk dirty! Become his lil freak – He will be stunned with the new pace of things -almost as exhilarating as becoming a new lover for him!

6. Give Yourself a Brazilian
Lets face it most men dont like hair in their food! Dont just trim- get rid of it all! I guarantee he will be in LUST theres something breathtakingly naughty about being bare down there! Yes a Brazilian will hurt like HELL but it is all worth it! Trust me on this one ladies! NO's 

Anything goes!!! As long as you are not hurting eachother (,unless S&M is your thing)  you should feel free do whatever you want with your partner. Make a sex tape and watch it together. Have a mutual play s session. Bring in the sex toys.  (NOT RECOMMENDED IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE PARTNERS)
4. RIDE!!!
Not sure why you wouldn't be already but every man loves this! The feeling of being in control of that session should be a turn on for you completely. You have the upper hand in this situation! You have the POWER!!! If you are shy to get on top out of fear of performing incorrectly know that you cant go wrong. When all else fails while your on it get on your feet to give you more control. Warning: If you are doing this correctly sex will be over rather quickly but there is a resolution for this premature ejaculation LOL see item #1

3. Look Good
Sometimes as mom, wives , girlfriends etc we can get too "comfortable". We walk around the house in our  tees, pinned up hair, scarves and granny panties, Men are visual creatures even though your man may not be a "lingerie" guy you still need to look sexy occasionally, I recommend 24-7! Dont pin your hair until he closes those eyes LOL and just throw out the granny panties NOW!  I know looking good 24-7 is yet another job so to make it easy for you just dont wear anything at ALL. Once the kids are asleep drop it down to the birthday suit  and go load the dish washer I know that will spark up some good sex! Which lead to #2

2.  The BED is BORING
Find a new place to get it in.  Maybe after loading the dishwasher up run it and hop on top. Go out into the garage the cool temp will make it even hotter. Meet him at the door with nothing on, dont even give him a chance to think about what going to happen next. There are countless ways to have fun with this one!

1. Suck more D*ick...
and enjoy it! I think I had to be blunt on this one! I hear so many women saying what they wont do and my first question is always WHY don't you? I love talking to people and just seeing why they feel or think a certain way, and from what I hear this is the next best thing for a man. IDK why they love it so much but they do! LOL But as with anything you do just like being at work you HAVE to enjoy it! If you dont its a waste of time. A couple of tips to giving an awesome blow job: look into his eyes, start with a gentle lick to make sure he is ready, use your hands as if you were giving a hand job(amateurs)  and gently massage the balls.

I hope these 10 things really help improve some you gals sex life. As with anything you do do it safe. These tips are solely meant for those who are in a committed or monogamous relationship. Safe sex is the best sex , and no sex is great too! Happy Sexing!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February : The Month for LOVE!

Hey Lovies!
 Everyone whose knows me knows that I am a LOVER of LOVE! I love to see happy couples and I adore Happy FAB couples even more! So for the days leading up until Valentines DAy all my post will be dedicated to LOVE, sex, and relationships! Feel free to send me topic suggestions, questions or comments! Send them to Have a LOVELY Day!


Love is ....COLOR BLIND!

Hello Lovies!
  In this day and age we are seeing more and more interracial couples which I absolutely LOVE! What was once taboo has become  mainstream, and  although the concept can illicit extremely passionate views, crossing the color barrier is something A LOT of black women are curious about- but many are apprehensive to the concept. Why? I'm not certain on all the reasons but, from talking and listening to my peers I would say the main reason is fear of what others will think. I'm not sure why a person would care what others think if you are in love and happy. That is what matters right?
 Dating interacially most of my adult life, interracial couples  is  not something that sticks out like a sore thumb to me. I dont look at my partner and see a COLOR. Love has NO COLOR.  I often get alot of questions about dating outside my race, and I have totally been open to answering those that are not meant to be disrespectful. I welcome them!! So whats different you ask?? Hmmm maybe Ill leave that for a separate post! Send me all your interracial dating questions and Ill answer them in my next blog! Don't worry you can remain anonymous. LOL Send your questions to NotJustFashion@ 

 Being apart of an interracial relationship I find it interesting to see celebrities who are also open to dating outside their race. Here are a few celebrity interracial couples! 
Paula Patton & Robin Thicke


Taye & Idnia Diggs

Chris "Mr.Big" North & Wife Tara

Naomi Campbell & Vlad Doronin

Terrance Howard & Michelle

Heidi & Seal

Zoe Salanda & Keith Britton