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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

EERIE Eyelashes

Hey Fab People! Now this post could have very will been great next month for Halloween but, the "lash trend" has been taken wayyyyyyy to far! Now lashes are NOT new, our favorite celebrities have been wearing them for decades.This is now a vastly growing trend in the DMV . Nothing can make your look more dramatic and expressive than beautiful long full eyelashes but lets wear them tastefully. Lashes, particularly for special occasions can add flair to any look if worn properly.

What I'm seeing- well actually I'm not too sure what it is I'm looking at; so while this post is meant to be informative maybe you guys comments can also teach me something I'm missing ...possibly? *Kayne shrug*  The first issue I am having with the lash trend is how they are being worn .The lashes are thick, long and heavy- almost like a "glue in" on your eyes.

OK, OK maybe I'm exaggerating  a bit with the picture above, but you get the idea. I see women who can hardly open their eyes or are blinking like they have some sort of disorder. Lets stay away from the scary" I Love New York" look.The next issue I'm having is where you are going to get  them applied. When I go the the hair store I don't want to see you in the back, by the wigs getting your lashes applied. This is unsanitary and dangerous. We all know the Chinese are known for doing and making everything but lets go on to the next with this one. Same thing applies for getting them applied at nail salons. The long term effect of what you are doing to your real lashes with the glue that is being used in the nail salon will eventually leave you with no lashes or lids! Telling the nail tech "make em so they stay on two weeks" will have you sooooo messed up. Bacteria Keratitis is REAL!

Just like you don't sleep in your make up , don't sleep in your lashes! Another issue I am having is a plain face and or look with lashes on. Am I saying lashes,MAC makeup, and  Sephora gloss are a tag team ? NO, but what I am saying is if your face is dry with thirsty skin why are you putting lashes on? You need to take care of your face, you only get ONE!

 In life we all channel looks, my challenge to you when you get your lashes done is to ask yourself "who am I channeling today?"  If its the character below you have failed greatly. Don't be made a mockery of, sometimes our friends are scared to tell us what isn't working. Well I tell you, those aren't your real friends - I want my friedns to tell me if I'm looking foolish.


Lash Tips

  • To accentuate your upper lash line without creating overly spidery fringe, apply a strip of false lashes meant for your lower lashes from corner to corner. They're shorter than traditional false lashes, so they will thicken your lash line without elongating it too much.

  • When applying fake lashes, put a little more glue on the edges than the rest of the lash, since they're more likely to come loose.

  • MAC lashes #20 & #7 are a very natural length lash that will give you a beautiful full look without looking DREADFUL. And when you purchase they can apply for you

  • Strip lashes are much easier and safer than individual lashes.
  • Use mineral-based makeup remover to take off lashes

My goal was not to down anyone but enlighten those who don't know. How can something be corrected if its never addressed. Lets help one another ladies share this post with anyone who maybe in need.