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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hello Kitty....Pass the Bubbly!

 What  is  known to girls around the world  as sweet cute an innocent can now get you trashed wasted and in an AA meeting! Hello Kitty now has a wine!  The CEO of Hello Kitty says with the franchise turning 35 last year and now seen as a bit more mature having a wine is a great idea. Ummmm NOT! I think this is a terrible idea and encourages little girls to drink. Placing their favorite girly character on a bottle of wine is just too inviting. The wine comes in 4 different tastes with names to identify with each closely. The wine is currently only available in stores on the West Coast but widely available online. SMDH!

In researching this topic I found that this wine isn't the first bad idea for Hello Kitty branding. The kitty also is linked to a "kitty pleasing" pocket vibrator. Now I a huge fan of adult toys but come on now!! Can you imagine your daughter finding this?? How would you explain? And for the company to describe it as "discreet" Yea ...right! Check it out here. 
I can assure you my daughter will NEVER have a Hello Kitty Themed Birthday as cute as it is Ill pass.

What do you guys and gals think???

Smooches XoXo